Here are some tips on effective legislative advocacy.


Citizen-lobbyists gathered in support of IAHR-solitary confinement tracking bill: 1/28/2016.

Current Legislative Calendar  See when the Maryland Assembly is scheduled to meet, to submit legislation, and to adjourn.

Who are your delegates? How do I contact my legislators? Just enter you street address, and all will be revealed!

Written Testimony – Tips, Resources, & Guidelines Here is a one-page guide to lobbying for your bill. Thanks to the Interfaith Action for Human Rights organization!

What is the best way to lobby our legislature? Read A Citizen’s Guide to Lobbying in Maryland. This short guide will help us and others lobby effectively with the Maryland legislature.

Lobbying might seem a little intimidating, right? We get it. And we understand that it’s a big ask – but it’s that important. We’re with you every step of the way! Read Lobbying in Annapolis prepared by Patience Schenck.

Friends Committee on National Legislation has an on-line tutorial about lobbying in Washington DC.

Out for Justice has created a fine Powerpoint slide show about Lobbying: