Maryland’s Justice System

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Fact Sheet: Drivers of Maryland’s Prison System
On July 29, senior staff of the Pew Charitable Trusts gave their first presentation focusing on data from Maryland’s prison system to the Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council, created in the 2015 legislative session. The Council is charged with developing “a statewide framework of sentencing and corrections policies to further reduce the State’s incarcerated population, reduce spending on corrections, and reinvest in strategies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism.”

Lifer’s ConferenceThe Maryland Lifer’s Conference is a collaboration of Lifer’s organizations in various institutions within the Maryland prison system dedicated to positive change within ourselves, and the Judicial and prison systems.

Md. bill would create council to examine corrections system. Read this short article in the Washington Post.

Maryland justice statistics. The Justice Policy Institute named September 2014 “Maryland Month” and published a series of factsheets highlighting various aspects of the Maryland justice system that put the hard numbers on Maryland’s overuse of incarceration in context.

Women in prison. The Maryland Commission for Women produced this status report on the factors leading to women’s incarceration and ways to break the cycle of incarceration.

Reducing incarceration. In 2012, the Maryland Taskforce on Prisoner Reentry issued a report that recommended “a significant restructuring of the state’s criminal justice and correctional systems both to reduce the number of individuals incarcerated and to improve reentry programming and transitional services provided for those who remain.”

Reducing sentences. This 2013 study of recidivism by the Pew Charitable Trust found that Maryland could save $30 million without harming public safety by reducing prison sentences for nonviolent offenders.

Can we “downsize” our prisons?  A thoughtful Baltimore Sun editorial suggests we can.

A look at the data.  The National Institute of Corrections publishes basic data on state correctional systems, allowing cross-state comparison.

“Cutting Correctly in Maryland. ” A study by the Justice Policy Institute shows how many state policymakers are rethinking the costly sentencing and parole policies that have sent so many nonviolent offenders to prison and kept them there so long.