The Epiphany Moment: A Felon Becoming Aware of His Victim

The impact a crime has upon a victim can be pervasive — the trauma can affect children, parents, other loved ones and friends. Comprehending the victim’s point of view and the depth of that widespread impact can be a powerful healing tool for both the perpetrator and the victim. Listen to this talk.

The Making of Mass Incarceration

An interview with Prof. Elizabeth Hinton on the history behind mass incarceration in America. Prof. Hinton was at the Vera Institute of Justice as part of the Neil A. Weiner Research Speaker Series. You can learn more about her talk here:


Several lifers who returned to the community make the case for taking politics out of the process of granting parole for lifers in Maryland in a very effective manner in this 9 minute video at:

Reversing the Tide of Mass Incarceration: Prospects for Prison Reform

Michelle Alexander: A Movement to End Mass Incarceration


Mass Incarceration in the US

Robert Reich: End Mass Incarceration

Mass Incarceration, Visualized