Initiatives – 2016

The Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform and its allied organizations are endorsing several pieces of legislation for the Maryland Assembly 2016 sessions.

Initiative House Bill Senate Bill Sponsor Status
Justice Reinvestment Act HB1312 SB1005 MAJR Passed
Criminal Penalties HB1313 SB1006 MAJR No Action
Voting by Felons HB716: Oppose MAJR No Action
Correctional Education HB1195 MAJR Unfavorable
Pretrial Release HB1046 MAJR No Action
Parole Incentive for Life HB882 SB531 MRJI No Action
Solitary Confinement Tracking HB1180 SB946 IAHR Passed
Juvenile Life Imprisonment HB518 SB259 IAHR Unfavorable
Expungement – Nolle Prosequi SB215 JOTF Unfavorable
Expungement – Nonviolent Felonies HB770 SB712 JOTF Unfavorable
Repeal of the “Unit Rule” HB220 SB328 JOTF Conference
Expungement – Misdemeanor Convictions SB890 JOTF No Action
Expungement – Probation Before Judgment HB590 JOTF No Action
Expungement – Acquittal, Dismissal, and Nolle Prosequi HB914 JOTF No Action
Expungement – "invalidated warrents" HB956 SB741 JOTF No Action
Voting Rights: Veto Override HB0980* SB340* OFJ Veto Overridden!

*2015 Legislation

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